Classy Chicks


Phone: (770) 713-1255 Mary Beth Hussey


The Classy Chicks began performing together in 2003. The group consists of violinist Mandi Crosby, violinist and violist Tiffany Watson, and cellist Mary Beth Hussey. The Classy Chicks were formed when Mandi and Mary Beth met in college and decided to start a group. All three girls received full scholarships to pursue their music degrees. These three girls have played in over 500 weddings, performed with Wynona Judd, the Transsiberian Orchestra, toured in Taiwan, Austria, and all over the United States and performed for the U.S. troops in Cuba. They also have a full time teaching schedule in addition to performing regularly at churches throughout Atlanta. They pride themselves in bringing class to every occasion and feel very blessed to be able to perform music as their career.

The Classy Chicks deeply respect the work that Julie Stephens does at Kimball Hall and also love the atmosphere that this quaint home brings. Kimball Hall is their favorite venue in which to perform because of the dedication and hard work of Julie and her staff.