Julie Stephens

Julie Stephens of Kimball Hall

As the director/owner of Kimball Hall, I am honored for this lovely historic Roswell home to be the background for so many joyous occasions. I am especially touched by the friendships I have developed with so many brides, grooms and their families.

I have lived in Georgia all of my life, with the exception of living “out west” for a few years, (where I couldn’t find okra, sweet tea, a single front porch to swing on, and had to repeat everything I said twice!). I so enjoy welcoming guests from all over the country and world, giving what Southerners give best…their warmth, hospitality, and usually a good story or two!

I share my life with my wonderful husband Sid, my son Charlie, our Golden Retriever George, and his “sister” Lilly.

I share Kimball Hall, a sweet old farmhouse in metro Atlanta, with all of the special people that pass through it leaving special memories, and the personal imprints that make this house a home to all of our guests.